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Why Aluminium

Contemporary aluminium profiles provide excellent thermal and acoustic performance thanks to the thermal break and the air tightness of the system.

Each one of Innovative Vision Statements’ systems is custom designed to meet high levels of thermal insulation. The insulation level is called the U-value. The lower the U-value, the higher the insulation level. Insulation level’s are realised by a thermal break between the inner and outer aluminium profiles. Each of our range of profiles feature a unique centre seal or gasket, and a continuous acoustic seal to ensure the required insulation level.

These well insulated systems also require a matching building connection to ensure a good overall thermal and acoustic insulation. The combination of high insulating systems with air tight insulation reduces energy consumption and provides improved noise abation, ensuring optimal living comfort with a minimum of heating and cooling costs.

Air tightness is an absolute requirement for an energy efficient building. Innovative Vision Statements can dramatically improve the air tightness of the building connection, using our premium systems and strict installation procedures. Our expertise and knowledge in this field is essential in achieving your passive or low energy project.

Take a look at our range of Reynaers and Sky-Frame systems or contact us for full details and features to create a custom solution for your next project.

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