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Renson Panovista

Renson Panovista

Efficient external solar shading ideal for corner windows

By blocking UV rays from the outside before they enter your home, you can control the amount of light that enters your home. Renson Panovista is a high sun protection fabric that offers a unique protection solution for glass-on-glass corner windows, which regular screens are unable to provide.

Patented technology ensures both sides of the sun protection fabric can be simultaneously rolled up or out using a motor.

Contact Innovative Vision Statements for full details on Renson Panovista solar blinds to create a custom sun protection solution for your next project.

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Renson Panovista

The Renson Panovista system has no visibly unpleasant aluminium profiles or cables in the corner, which means the view is not sacrificed.

Contact Innovative Vision Statements for more information on Renson Panovista.

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