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Renson Slidefix

Renson Slidefix

Sun protection screens for sliding windows and doors

Sliding windows and doors allow plenty of natural sunlight in, blurring the division between inside and out. Renson Slidefix provides the ideal solution to protecting your home from excessive sunlight with a lateral sliding sun protection screen.

Discreetly integrated into the shell of the building, Renson Slidefix screens slide vertically, automatically opening in the same direction as the door, allowing a sliding door to be open for outdoor access and still provide sun protection.

Contact Innovative Vision Statements for full details on Renson Slidefix to create a custom external sun protection solution for your next project.

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Renson Slidefix

Renson Slidefix screens are discreetly integrated into the shell of the building.

Contact Innovative Vision Statements for more information on Renson Slidefix.

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